Lawn Mowing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

By now, you may already know the advantages of lawn mowing. Mowing is a necessary evil if you want to keep your lawn green and healthy. The way you mow your lawn will also influence how your lawn looks.

Mowing the lawn correctly is necessary. To make sure that you do it right, you have to learn all about the actual lawn mowing techniques that the professionals use. These techniques will ensure that your grass looks and stays healthy. Here are the things you should know:

1. Mow the grass at the right height.

Knowing the ideal height of the grass you have in your lawn is important. Don’t worry. This should be easy to perform as well. First, determine what type of grass is planted on your lawn. If you are not sure, invite some Northern Rivers lawn care expert over so they can take a look and tell you. Then research what the ideal height of these grasses is. Be sure to adjust the wheels of your lawn mower in such a way it cuts the grass at the right height.

The ideal height of the grass is also the state of its optimum health. It means that the grass will duly recover from the cutting while still maintaining healthy roots. The grass will also get that well-manicured look, not rough-looking. The grass is also able to handle stress better this way.

2. Don’t scalp the lawn.

Scalping your lawn means cutting the grass too low. If this happens, then the grass will eventually stress out. It will get resources from its reserves in order to survive. When grasses do that, they become susceptible to cold, heat, drought, diseases, and pest attacks.

Cutting the grass too low will also cause the roots to stop growing, and will stay that way until the leaves have recovered. In such a state, your grass will look yellow to brown. Your grass isn’t healthy if it is in that state.

3. Mow overgrown grasses gradually.

If you have neglected your lawn long enough that the grasses have overgrown, don’t try to cut the grass back to its ideal height in one go. You have to mow your lawn twice to reach the ideal height. In the first outing, just cut the upper one-third of the grass. Wait for four days before cutting it to the right height. That way, the grass won’t stress too much.

What Else You Should Know

Always remember that you’re not supposed to cut more than one-third of the grass or it may not be able to recover beautifully. You should also give the grass time to recover for the best possible results. If you fail to do it right, you might end up with a badly damaged lawn instead of a well-manicured one.

Also, not all grasses have the same ideal height requirements. Some grasses, more particularly the cool seasons’ ones like fescue, rye, and blue grass should be mowed high, ideally two to three inches. If it’s a Bermuda grass or any other warm season grasses, it should be 3/4 to 1 inch tall.

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